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Lexx is a music enthuasist, deejay and music curator based in Zürich Switzerland.

Music is what makes him move. Since early youth he is addicted to searching and collecting music. 1980s he started to share his selection as Club DJ in a small club called Lightfire in Winterthur (CH). 2 years alter he was hired by a big event agency to dj all over Switzerland. In the late 80's Lexx started to host a radio show and curated the music program for regional radio stations.


Music change the way you experience a place or community. Perfect selected tunes are the key to move peoples feets and hearts. It's the soundtrack of your life.

"I don't play what you want - I play what you need!"


  • Music Director
    2007 - today

    Creating music programms, soundtracks and concepts for, a service for branded music. I give brands a individual sound by creating the perfect playlists for them.

    In the 90s I worked as music director for local radio stations (Radio One, RTGplus, etc.) and interviewed swiss and international musicians at my weekly radio show.

  • DJ & Event Host
    1985 - today

    I share my music since the 80s. I started in a small urban club in my hometown Winterthur, called Lightfire. Here the fire to share my music selection with the crowd, to make them dance, has been enlighted.

    After some years I joined the team of the famous Habegger event agency and mobile discotheque Hurricane. I was touring through Switzerland, spinning in different locations, clubs and halls for audiences from a couple hundred to more than 4'000 a night.

    After a (family) break of some years I restarted djing as DJ Lexx(CH). 2007 I started the global dj community Scoutlounge is based on a club built in the virtual world of What started small became BIG within no time. At peaktime over 120 djs were playing live 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. Scoutlounge peaked at 500'000 listeners on the webradio per month. Check out:

    Since 2013 I am part of PEP Events Agency creating events who integrates urban lifestyle, art and music to a new experience.

  • Skills
    1980 - today

    I don't care for technology. I use it. In the 80s I worked on my skills of syncing beats with turntables. During the 90s the CD players mixing has changed a lot in handling and technics. After the millenium the digital dj tools on computers and laptops opended a complete new dimension of creating electronic music live.

    I am used to spin live on:
    - Pioneer CDJ cd players or
    - Technics SL1200Mk2 turntables
    - Pioneer XDJ-XZ
    - Pioneer DJS 1000 Sampler

    For special occasions I use Native Instruments Traktor Pro digital mixing software and devices as well - to create, loop and arrange live.


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